Tall Order.


Boy : I am 1.66m tall you know.
Mum : I’ve guessed it! *literally looked up*
Boy : whats yours mum?
Mum : 1.62m
Boy : Bahahahahaha!
Mum : pfftt! So what are you having for dinner?
Boy : I want cereal prawn! And Fish n Chips!
Mum : Hellooooo?! Whaddaya mean?
Boy : ok ok just Fish n Chips. Heh

What the boy didnt’t know is, while he sleptover at grandma’s last night. I’ve made cereal prawn that night. Ooops sowee darling!


It’s easy to prepare but I still prefer those served in restaurants. Yup, in other words, I failed.

Happy weekend everybody!


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