Ms Laaayzee-pants Pie


I was glad today that I managed to bake something, just because my mom, dad and sis came to visit this afternoon.  It’s the only chance for me to bake an apple pie.  Still it’s those laaazy-pants recipe aka Betty Crocker ready mix of course. Hah!  Sorry Ms Crocker, that name is meant for me.  No offence taken I hope.   I know, I know, it’s veeeerrry easy to prepare the crust but trust me, I am laaaazy like that.  Actually more like impatient.  You know when you decide on baking something out of the blue, then you realized that you need the butter to be in room temperature? Yeah…I hate to wait, my baking mojo will be abruptly crushed!  So that is why I find Ms Crocker handy in that way.  Although, I do not mind preparing the apple fillings from scratch!  I am not THAT hopeless afterall right? 😉

SO did I make you guys drool yet?


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