This will be a very quick entry!

I am excited to inform you that Yati’s RVC is officially open for business! *firecracker cackling* *boom boom pow* ok that’s not how its sounds lah! Hehehe.

Anyways, for the past few days been quite hectic for me and husband. We’ve been receiving orders Alhamdullilah, not too many but not to little as well. It’s manageable at this point. Thank you ladies and some men too who ordered from us these past couple of days!

Just to keep you excited, we will be having discounts and promotions coming up, so do look out for them! Even if you do not remember, not to worry coz I’ll be barking out special order/promotions in your face! Hehehe…no lah I am not that rude ok?! In fact, if you not already know it, there are (3), yes, THREE ongoing promotions.

Since we only started out this month, an INTRODUCTORY PRICE IS A MUST!

Secondly, how about a Weekly Promotions? Now that’s something you can look out for EVERY WEEK!

Last but not least! BIRTHDAY MONTH PROMOTIONS!!! Don’t you just LOOOOOVE Birthdays! Well at least for me coz it’s the only time I can indulge in cakes/cupcakes without feeling quilty! Hehehe

We take pride in our packaging especially if it is for Birthday Month customers. Recently, we have 1, as we are really new in this, we try to make everything presentable as possible. We are in the midst of working out the best packaging in fact personalizing it. In the meantime, this is how it’ll look like, pardon me for being amateurish! hehehe

*color and material may vary for each customer

So? Aren’t you excited yet?! Wait there’s more! You can apply any 2 promotions together! More than 25% SAVINGS!

Example :-

1) Introductory Price + Weekly Promo

2) Introductory Price + Birthday Month Promo

3) Weekly Promo + Birthday Month Promo *applies when ordered on that particular week*

So What Are You Waiting For?! Email me now to order (esmi_74@yahoo.com) or I can be contacted in any other communications below!

Still NOT CONVINCED? I am blessed to have supports from family and friends here.

Hey! Hey! Celebrity review! I am so lucky to be able to serve Ms Nona Kirana too! Thank Nona!

This is suppose to be a short entry but I am babbling here STILL! LOL!

THANK YOU for having the time to read this and GREAT APPRECIATION to ALL my family and friends who trusted us in starting this wonderful journey.

To many more cupcakes!!!!


Yati’s RVC Pricelist


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