It’s BFFs Week!


Don’t we just love our BFFs?

During my adolescent years which is a long long long time ago, we used to go to the mall after school, window-shopped (yeah, our allowance then were a mere $10/week only, how to shop liddat) and pick up guys together…oops…I mean trying to look jambu and guys try to pick us up!   sigh….those were the days!

Frankly, I only have 1 best friend back then.  We try to be “exclusive” to each other, don’t ask me why but that’s how it was back then for me at least.  I know, I sound kental right?  hehehe

Nowadays, you see all the girls having more than 1 best friend!  Making shopping a whole lot of fun seriously!   So what more if you can enjoy something delicious together and for FREE* (hahaha…there’s always the inevitable (*) to accompany the word FREE!).

You not only get 1, 2 or 3 but 4(FOUR) FREE RVCs! Holla!!!

All you have to do is get your other 2 BFFs to order 1 dozen of RVCs each this week and all 3 of yous get 4RVCs FREE!   So what are you waiting for!?  Order yours today!

Remember this offer valid for orders made this week only!  PLUS our Introductory Price is still on!  Don’t miss this, seriously!  🙂


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