Somewhere Over The Rainbow…(cheesiest title post ever)


WARNING : Colourful Entry ahead!

The moment I saw the recipe, I was literally dumbfounded.  The cake is eye-catching, can’t help but to stare at it.  Although, I’ve been excited to try it , I’ve been procrastinating it actually.  Who wouldn’t?  Imagine, you have to prepare 6 or more baking tins, 6 or more plastic containers, 6 or more gel colorings, 6 or more spoons/spatulas or whatever that can scoop all the batters.  Not an easy feat for me at least. THAT doesn’t even include the ingredients to be used. OK the list can go on further but hey, at the end of the day, all these were overcome by the satisfaction of the CAKE!

Yeah….I am talking about (what else) …THE RAINBOW CAKE!

From the last few entry,  I did mentioned about this “Whisk Kid”, she made it so wonderfully colorful!  I am challenged by it.

And so it began….

Thank God it fit into my oven, all 6 of them! 🙂

The Buttercream Frosting looking gorgeous but I find it to be too sweet! Gosh! I should have just stick to my Cream Cheese Frosting instead.

Before frosting, do remember to chill the baked batter for at least 10 mins.

 I should really get a cake stand, for now Nigella’s book will do 🙂 ….hahahaha..did I mentioned that this is how an amateur baking enthusiast frost a cake! FAIL!

Looking at the result is worth me not eating the whole day! Yup, I kinda ‘forget’ to eat my lunch AND dinner!

The sliced cake!

Yet another thing that I most hate! The washing aftermath! Arrrghhhh!!! Not 1, not 2, not 3 BUT 6times more!

Is it worth all the effort?

Well…..what say you?

Sidenote : I followed the recipe exactly but find it to be too sweet to my liking.  So try to cut down the sugar by half (hmm dunno whether it would affect the texture, any experienced baker out there please enlighten me, thanks!),  I am sure it’ll taste even better.

Easiest recipe yet the challenge of preparing it is totally worth it too!

You can find the recipe here.


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  1. i’ve always wonder, why a rainbow cake has 6-layers only.
    next time make 7 layers, ok. *giggles*
    that’s extra baking tin, plastic container, gel coloring, & spatula for u to prepapre.

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