Mother’s Day is Everyday you know! ;D


Confession : I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO ARRANGE FLOWERS!! What the heck was I thinking when I did a promo on Mother’s Day Package last week which includes a dozen of RVCs and a hand bouquet?! Honestly at that point of time, I was not even thinking who I would want to ask to arrange the flowers for me. In my heart, I was actually pretty confident about doing it all by myself. Boy, was I right?!!! Hahahahaha…. Yeah, now I believe if there’s a will there’s a way! Yup! I am proud of myself! Thanks to Youtube -aTutorial. LOL! While doing it, the hubby was kinda skeptical about it and he was the one who switched on the tutorial for me. All those bouquets that you received was from a first timer. Of course, cant beat the real florist lah right. Anyways, good try Yati! *pats on my own back* πŸ˜›

Alhamdullilah, I started that week with preparing the toppers every night. I was nearly out of ideas on the designs but glad each one is of a different design.

Ok enough talk, let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy! I hope…..really do hope, your moms love them!


So this is how a first-timer flower arranger, arranged for her mom and mom-in-law!


How? Actually not baaaad right?! Hahaha…. Ok next venture, become florist lor!

Last weekend was all hardwork! I was not only taking Mother’s Day Package orders but some other celebrations too. At one point of time, I was too exhausted that I nearly thought that I’m about to collapse! True! But after thinking about how I would make my friends feel when they received their orders for their moms, I couldnt help but to head on and get the job done well! Alhamdullilah, with alot of positive feedbacks, I am simply happy. Who would’d be right if you see smiles all over like these!






You gals are AWESOME!

Not forgetting to all my friends who ordered of course! If you still have photos taken last Mother’s Day with our RVCs in hand, please send it to me coz I would love to feature it here.

It’s been a week now so I am still recuperating! Hahaha! Will get back to more promos next month since its OUR birthday month (yup! its hubby’s n my bday month!!!!) So if your birthday is next month, please look out for our “Specials”!!!! Cant wait!

There are so many requests of namecards from us, at the moment, we are still sourcing printers to do namecards and InshaAllah, I really would like to have my own paperbags too! That will have to wait a little bit longer I guess so it’ll be just those red plastic bags for now! Hehehe

Since I’ve started working, my time is really limited. So I apologize if I have not answer your enqueries any sooner. Especially those enquiries on the prices, because, the prices are found at the website/blog itself. Of course if there’s any changes, it’ll always be featured directly in my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More often and actively available is through Instagram.

Thank you again friends, till we meet again! (hint : Father’s Day) hahahaha!


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  1. First timer??! Mcm pro!! That was what I was thinking when I received e bouquets. Betol tak bedek!

    Super awesome job la, babe! I is so touch-ched with all your beautiful handiwork. You deserve those pats on e back. N e business too most definitely. ;D Insyaallah, I’ll be back for more! #PBG

    • Hahaha! Thank you babe! Yeah! I was surprised with the outcome too! And now I really really believe in the phrase “if there’s a will, there’ a way!” even my family was shocked! LOL!

      You know what, the next one you order is on me! Just tell me when ok?! Betol tak bedek! Coz you’ve been buying from us sooooo many times lah! I feel really blessed and humbled by your encouragements! Made me wanna strive even further! See lah dah berangan2 nak paperbag sendiri lah apa lah! Hehehe…InshaAllah! Doakan yer! πŸ˜‰

      • Wow! Honoured, honoured! But don’t liddat ley.. Friend is friend.. Biz is biz. I help recommend n promo n buy dgn ikhlas!! πŸ™‚ Nanti i segan plak nak order..

        Buy many2 pasal nak makan! My mom pon cakap sedap. Tt day she called n was going on n on abt how sedap they were. πŸ™‚ That made me very very happy! (Padahal bukan 1 yang bake eh? Hee..) My sis keeps telling me she ate 3 in 1 sitting that i ordered for her! Lol.

        Cakap byk2 pasal RVCs, teringin plak nak eat one noW! I go warm one up NOW uh. Hehehe.

      • Hahaha! Klakar arh you! But seriously I pon ikhlas nak kasi you, was just mentioning it to my husband tadi during dinner. Dah niat so you cannot say no hor! Hehehe… Ok you go eat your fill! #PBG its ok for you lah coz I know you gonna work that fats (as if ada pon) off! LOL

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