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Husha bye baby…on a cake (tree) top


Hush! It’s baby’s month old. I enjoyed every moment of doing this banner! Excited in fact. (oh..I do have mental block sometimes! Hehehe) I hope the mommy is excited too. Baby Eilisya, what a beautiful name 😉






Thank you Hanim & @Niqdani for this photo! It looks so gorgeous! Hope it taste gorgeous than it looks too! Hahaha

And of course the pleasure is mine to serve you for this bundle of joy! Aaaawww….


So precious!


Something new!


Got my first order of just the banners last weekend. Weird. No it’s not probably people been giving that service before so it’s just me feeling it. I do not know how to charge it even! Usually I don’t even charge for those that I’ve made with cuppies.

This order was kinda nerve-wrecking (although I’ve been doing this for quite some time now) especially when it is for an engagement. Yes but I was so blessed to have such kind customers particular this lady who encourages me to even start a business out of it! So sweet lah she! After much consideration, I don’t think I am able to, honestly. Oh well, we’ll see what the future holds! Perhaps one day I might just do it, who knows!

So this is what I did for the lady with RED and GOLD theme in mind 😉




See how gorgeous this lady is! Thank you Fizah for believing in me! 😉