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Cravings of a woman shall not be denied!


Mother in law is craving for these today.


So we shall go get it by joining her!



Crazy Food.


So here I am ordering a medium combo from Wendy’s. As I found myself sitting at the end of the room, I attacked the fries (gee I swear I could’ve fried these strings better!) while Mariah (Carey) serenading me with Hero. Nom nom nom…yeah its a habit, I would finish up the fries first, even the hubby does that, ok perhaps I got his habit. That’s what happen when you are together for a very looooong time, you kinda brush each other behaviour, like and dislikes off. Eh eh got side tracked abit.

Anyhooo, while taking that first bite of the Baconator, I find that Wendy’s beef patty lacks MSG, I know I know MSG is bad for you so it tasted rather bleargh at first bite (still I have no idea why I still patronize the eatery) After a few bites, I suddenly panicked! Why? Because the beef tasted ‘different’ like bacon as in pig pork bacon (not that I’ve tasted it to know the difference!). It doesnt help that from where I am sitting, I couldnt find any halal logo anywhere on the glass wall/door. Oh boy oh boy…I immediately stop munching! You cannot imagine how hysterical I got, not helping that I notice those ladies outside the eatery were staring at me! They must have thought ‘why is she eating there?!’ ‘she’s wearing hijab but ate Wendy’s?!!’.

Suddenly, as though coming out from a dream, I heard a malay lady’s voice talking to her friend sitting just a few seats away and my eyes caught a glimpse of the halal logo on my tray. Phew! Sure you might think how silly I can get but I was genuinely panicking plus the heart skips a beat literally hokay! 😛

After all that, I laughed at myself for being silly, too imaginative, hysterical and crazy!


Its all because of this piece of meat! You see, thats what happen when you lack MSG! 😛

Gossip Food.


An awesome night with the girls. Its food + gossip time. What else can we be interested at besides shopping right?


To get the ball rolling, Beef Salad is healthy, no? Salad whaaaat!


Funny how much catching up we did that I forgotten what I ordered and got confused with sis’s Dory!


This is mine, Smoked Salmon Pasta (I think thats what they call it based from what you see) damn those hot gossip totally screwed my food brain tonight.


One of the girls ordered this devilish looking Nutella Shake (again named based on visual content)

Anyhooo, it is sad to leave, we have so much to gossip still alas we have to go since its work night.

Howell…perhaps another night girls. We should do it again k.

Food on rainy days.

On rainy days like these, we wish for warm food like ….
A good ol’ Fried Noodles
OR just a cuppa….
ok who am I kidding….all I want is this big fat juicy lasagna right now!
So now, would you rather snuggle back to bed or get up and make those? Truthfully, I would bake some lasagna and go back to bed after. Sheesh…there goes my diet!

Fried Lungs….Breathe in, breathe out!


My all time favourite, especially when fried.  Mom would usually fry them and still chewy when bitten but last Saturday, she sliced them thin and fried them crisp in fact crunchy at times. Yum!

LOL! yeah looks gross and you thought I got it from some CSI lab or somethin right?

You gotta boil them before slicing, marinate and fry them.

Ok here’s it is fried.

Eat them with hot, steamed rice….Yuuuummmeeh!



Why Comestivel? What is Comestivel?

Comestivel is “Eatable” in Portugese. Why use Portugese you ask? Working with Brazilian for quite a number of years inspired me just to use the language.  It has nothing to do with the influence of their food but merely because the word Comestivel interest me.

The purpose of this blog is to feature the snapshots of food I either indulged or admire from afar, of course credits will be given to the owner of the photo(s).  Even if the food is generally a blah, with special caption and colorful presentation makes it still “comestivel”.  I may or may not also feature the recipe here as most of the food I prepared are usually “by taste”.  No specific quantity will be given but perhaps ingredients used.

So feel free to browse through and enjoy this journey together with me.  I would also love it if you have any indulgence you would like to share. Let’s begin….BURP! Oooops 🙂

Beef Pita Bread

  • Mince beef
  • Ginger (chopped)
  • Garlic (chopped)
  • Red Onion (chopped)
  • Pita Bread
  • Mayonnaise
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Cili Sauce
taken with : Iphone4 / Instagram Lomo-fi