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Traditionally Inadequate.


This is probably those ‘rolling eyes’ kinda post but wadehek lah right? Maybe you should stop reading if you think where this is heading to.

So anyways, I’ve been gung-ho about baking, hah! not really! Pfft! (notice I love exclamation marks!!!)

What I am trying to say is I am leaning more towards ‘western-style’ baking like meringues, pies and tarts to name a few but not those malay traditional kuehs and whatnots. Honestly, I would love to learn the art of making the kuehs, I thought by the age of nearly 40 (ooops…oh-come-on I am not ashamed of my age lah) I would have the skills to make these kuehs at the back of my hand. Unfortunately no. Perhaps I took advantage of knowing that my mum is an expert makes me somewhat ‘lazy’ to learn from her (as I wrote this, I am seriously considering to document her recipes, Insyaallah)

Gosh, you have no idea how ashamed I am to not able to make a decent epok-epok (curry puff)! I know some 20 something girls do a jolly well better epok-epok than me lah! So anyways, I have to start somewhere right?

A few weeks ago, in attempt to master it and also to make the hubby ‘happy’ coz I know he love epok-epok sayor, I started to get the recipe from mum. She must have that ‘facepalm’ moment at the end of the line ‘haaai…anak aku ni, epok-epok pon tak tau buat’ sorry mak! Yeah, I was very confident that I’ll make a good one. The thing about me is when I wanted to start something new, if my guts telling me that I can do it, amazingly it’ll turn out good. But if I started to feel that something is not right, then it’ll turn bad. I always trust my instinct. Don’t get me wrong but this only applies to cooking and baking only, the rest, I leave it to the Almighty.

Ok before I start babbling further, I have to show you guys how it turns out. If you already not know, I am my own critic! When I asked anyone how my food taste, if you said that it sucks and I get angry and show tantrums, please dont take it too heart coz I am not angry at you but myself.

Here it is! You see, I even managed to imitate our local vendors signature epok-epok sizes! (as written) 😉 😛


Although, I have to admit, the crust is simply thin! Yay! (Masok-bakol-angkat-sendiri syndrome)


At the end of the day, the sauce must have ‘kick’ lor. Too bad its not! 😛


Let see what I have graded myself this time :-
a) Appearance : uneven sizes
b) Crust : thin
c) Sauce : lack of taste
d) Fillings : too salty


Mak, I need your guidance and recipes, PRONTO! Arrrghhhhh!!!!