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Tall Order.


Boy : I am 1.66m tall you know.
Mum : I’ve guessed it! *literally looked up*
Boy : whats yours mum?
Mum : 1.62m
Boy : Bahahahahaha!
Mum : pfftt! So what are you having for dinner?
Boy : I want cereal prawn! And Fish n Chips!
Mum : Hellooooo?! Whaddaya mean?
Boy : ok ok just Fish n Chips. Heh

What the boy didnt’t know is, while he sleptover at grandma’s last night. I’ve made cereal prawn that night. Ooops sowee darling!


It’s easy to prepare but I still prefer those served in restaurants. Yup, in other words, I failed.

Happy weekend everybody!


Once In A Blue Crab.


Finally made chilli crab! Why do I always have cravings like these? My waistline will definitely pay for it! Oh well…

I used Prima Ready Mix Paste, surprisingly it tastes good.


And the aftermath of course 🙂



Sweet & Sour


Made sweet sour fish the other day and took Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the fish batter. Er….not exactly, only followed the part where he whipped the egg whites till soft peaks. I find it to be crispier.


Added the whipped egg whites to the already marinated fish fillet wx ginger, garlic and a pinch of salt.



Yes! I love to drain my rice with lotsa gravy like that! Yum! Simple yet fulfilling.

Gossip Food.


An awesome night with the girls. Its food + gossip time. What else can we be interested at besides shopping right?


To get the ball rolling, Beef Salad is healthy, no? Salad whaaaat!


Funny how much catching up we did that I forgotten what I ordered and got confused with sis’s Dory!


This is mine, Smoked Salmon Pasta (I think thats what they call it based from what you see) damn those hot gossip totally screwed my food brain tonight.


One of the girls ordered this devilish looking Nutella Shake (again named based on visual content)

Anyhooo, it is sad to leave, we have so much to gossip still alas we have to go since its work night.

Howell…perhaps another night girls. We should do it again k.