Snickers + Nutella = Snictella? (ok lame title obviously)


A quick update!

Claimed day off today, running errands for the next few days orders. Thank you friends for the support AGAIN! You keep me going although now my working days are craaaayzee but Alhamdullilah I managed to divide time as much as possible although I might be kinda slacked on homebound! Actually the person I should really thank is my dear husband for being my rock and obviously my business partner cum driver! He’s been the most understanding person ever! (you should see my messy house and you’ll get what I meant by him being understanding lah!)

Ok that’s it, till next update!

Enjoy drooling again 😉





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Evolved and loving it!


Hello friends!

It has been a good 2 months start of this love of mine. Alhamdullilah. With all the continuous support from all of you, I have gained many new friends as well and managed to continue doing what I enjoyed most!

It is purely a coincidence that my husband and I decided to do this, honestly baking is exactly not my forte. I wouldn’t even have imagined that I can actually bake. Trust me, because from the time that I got married, I do not even know how to cook a dish, what more baking. I was never a homebody when I was younger so never really got to learn. I guess because I took the advantage of knowing that my mother, in fact my other family members too are super cooks!

Oh well, I guess it’s in our ‘blood’ that after all the denial, what I love most now is baking.

So within these 2 months, it seems that our RVCs kinda evolved! Hahaha…. Just take a look at the rapid change!


And of course, from just a plain ol’ box of cupcakes, it is more meaningful if you say it with words.


As mentioned in my earlier entry, the Introductory Prices for our RVCs with Hershey’s Chocolate Ganache Fillings will only last for 2 months. I am actually reluctant to let it go and thought of extending the offer but alas, due to current situations, everything is going up and we definitely have to keep up with it.


So since Mother’s Day is just a couple week more, I decided to extend the offer anyways! Yay! In fact, I have come up with a special package for our deserving mothers!


Also, all our RVCs now will still have Hershey’s Chocolate Ganache Fillings. Yes! ALL of them! (what was I thinking leaving it plain right?)

Order your Mother’s Day package now to avoid disappointment coz I really am taking limited slots!

Hope to hear from you soon!

No no I am not done yet!

We are now known as Comestivel RVC! Hehehe….plus if you have any enquiries, please email me at our new address :


I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my friends, yes, you are not just my customers, you are my new found friends! Without you guys, I wont be able to experience this satisfaction of baking.

For our pricelist after 13 May 2012, please refer here.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…(cheesiest title post ever)


WARNING : Colourful Entry ahead!

The moment I saw the recipe, I was literally dumbfounded.  The cake is eye-catching, can’t help but to stare at it.  Although, I’ve been excited to try it , I’ve been procrastinating it actually.  Who wouldn’t?  Imagine, you have to prepare 6 or more baking tins, 6 or more plastic containers, 6 or more gel colorings, 6 or more spoons/spatulas or whatever that can scoop all the batters.  Not an easy feat for me at least. THAT doesn’t even include the ingredients to be used. OK the list can go on further but hey, at the end of the day, all these were overcome by the satisfaction of the CAKE!

Yeah….I am talking about (what else) …THE RAINBOW CAKE!

From the last few entry,  I did mentioned about this “Whisk Kid”, she made it so wonderfully colorful!  I am challenged by it.

And so it began….

Thank God it fit into my oven, all 6 of them! 🙂

The Buttercream Frosting looking gorgeous but I find it to be too sweet! Gosh! I should have just stick to my Cream Cheese Frosting instead.

Before frosting, do remember to chill the baked batter for at least 10 mins.

 I should really get a cake stand, for now Nigella’s book will do 🙂 ….hahahaha..did I mentioned that this is how an amateur baking enthusiast frost a cake! FAIL!

Looking at the result is worth me not eating the whole day! Yup, I kinda ‘forget’ to eat my lunch AND dinner!

The sliced cake!

Yet another thing that I most hate! The washing aftermath! Arrrghhhh!!! Not 1, not 2, not 3 BUT 6times more!

Is it worth all the effort?

Well…..what say you?

Sidenote : I followed the recipe exactly but find it to be too sweet to my liking.  So try to cut down the sugar by half (hmm dunno whether it would affect the texture, any experienced baker out there please enlighten me, thanks!),  I am sure it’ll taste even better.

Easiest recipe yet the challenge of preparing it is totally worth it too!

You can find the recipe here.

Express Yourself & Strike a Pose!


April will be our 2nd month since we decided to ‘do this’.

It’s been a great whole month, we’ve baked 700 cupcakes alone last March. These are paid cuppies, the numbers did not include those which I’ve given out for free mind you! Most probably it may have already reached the mark 750-780…maybe.

As I’ve mentioned in Twitter and Instagram, I have an announcement to make, in fact 2 of them.

Firstly, since I was trying to get my creative mojo back, I’ve decided to have a lil something special (read : FREE) for you to have when you order a dozen or more from us. As most of us ordered the RVCs for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and some just to satisfy your cravings, I’ll be making customized cupcakes toppers like these.

You can choose any of these words/phrases posted here but let me tell you, its limited, just 2 pcs for each customer, so book your words/phrases now!





Email me if you wish to see some other samples or I may have already post it either on FB or Instagram.

Secondly, here is an announcement that would probably get you excited!


All you need to do is….


What are you waiting for?! Start snapping! Oh remember to email me all your entries and only 1 (one) BEST entry will win 6pcs of RVCs! I will open an album in FB just for you guys! Cant wait!

PS: Past customers are also eligible for this contest! Write a great / wonderful caption will ya! Hahahaha!

Ain’t No Whisk-Kid, I am Senduk Mama!


If you’ve been following me on FB, Instagram or Twitter, you might have guessed what I did with the strawberry coulis I made the other day. Been trying to find the perfect recipe combination for it. No..I am no rocket scientist to figure this one out but simply being me who like to ‘explore’ on which ingredients worked well. Most of the time FAILED! hehehe

I am most fascinated with Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson and most recently Kaitlin Flannery. She is known as the Whisk-Kid! She is only 20 mind you but her blog is full of awesome recipes which I find inspirational. Geee…20, what was I doing when I was that age? Wasted. Really, to think of it! And here I am struggling to have a last minute interest in baking and cooking for that matter, but hey, as they said “you are never to old to learn something”

The reason I stumbled upon (yeah I always stumbled upon something nowadays) her blog is when I was searching for the right recipe for a Rainbow Cake! blah blah blah… you should see hers, its GORGE! Anyways, as I was reading, something caught my eye, its her Meringue Cupcakes with Raspberry Curd. The word ‘cupcakes’ already made me flutter, ‘meringue’ makes me think its the easiest recipe of all (yeah I love simple simple recipes, lazy me) and of course the ‘raspberry curd’ which I do not really care much coz in my mind I was thinking of my strawberry coulis. Since I’ve decided (recently) to just specialize in RVC, why not I just create different types of toppings instead examples you can see from my FIT. (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

So this is how the unconventional way of rediscovering something so simple yet sinful, agree?

In other words, I combined the RVC + Meringue Cupcakes with Raspberry Curd to be …….

“Meringue Cookie Topping on RVC with Strawberry Coulis Fillings”! Phew!…need a breather there.

that strawberry coulis on the plate presenting from big to small circles are obviously copied from Masterchef programs that I’ve been obsessed about! Hah!
There you go! If you’re interested in this, email me for further enquiries on the price and everything else of course!
By the way, I am proud to inform you, although Yati’s RVC just launched early March 2012, we have so far baked 676 cuppies, a shy 24 more to go to reach 700! Come on friends, help me to achieve this goal before end of March! Thank you!

Sorry sorry strawberry.


Looking for recipes is a must nowadays for me, for now. Been trying to look for some fresh ideas of cupcakes. Most of those were from blogs all over the world. I find it therapeutic to read through all of them.

What interests me most are the ways they present their food/desert. It’s like a piece of art don’t you think? So anyways, I’ve been toying with an idea of featuring different flavors at the end of each month. Just to get you guys excited! Hehehe…

Giving you clues like these would also keep you guys busy guessing which one I will be featuring for this month.


Have you figure it out yet? Hahaha! Yeah, there so many possibilites with strawberry coulis. Oh well, keep guessing. In fact, it won’t be too long now, end of the month is just around the corner. 😉